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Manitarakia in school performance
Theatrical performance using ballet customes
From the performance 'Orchestra with circus', where the customes were been used by the little actors

Our company

  A few words about our workshop

  The magic travel of transformation through costumes, your love for the arts and the civilization that they promote, in combination with the knowledge and the desire, urged us in 1988 to create a small atelier of costume and ballet accessories sewing.
ballerina office
ballerina office
  Professionalism and Quality

  Our professional reliability has increased the need for production. Thus, we have broadened our limits successively within the next years by changing place.

  This has given us the possibility to create a functionally arranged work environment, where the field of production and the sales converse harmonically in the complex field of special clothing.
  Area of expertise

  Our long experience and research, both on materials and on specialization in sewing, gives us the possibility today to cover a wide spectrum in the field of special appearance.

bullet classic ballet - modern
bullet jazz
bullet flamenco
bullet latin dance
bullet oriental dance
bullet traditional dances
bullet instrumental - rhythmic gymnastics
bullet school performances
bullet school appearances
bullet gymnastics performances
bullet carnival
bullet theatre costume
bullet special appearances
ballerina office
ballerina office

  Wholesale - retail sales

  During the twenty two years of our devotion to this field, while overcoming the demands of the production procedure, we keep our imagination in vigilance through the fabulous fairy-tale image and the rich colors of costumes. And our reward is... the children's smiles.
  Objectives - Prospects

  Our professional aim and our perspective have the satisfaction of the customer as a main focus, and this is something that originally turns up through co-operation (discussion and understanding of the needs according to the case), in combination with the quality result of our work, irrespective of the cost.

  The basic structure of our running is the following:

    bullet Drawing (models - view more)
    bullet Cutting
    bullet Sewing
    bullet Sewing
    bullet Packaging

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